Better, not more, is what Robert is concerned with: He helps companies to guide their organisational processes through digitalization more advantageously. This also means a change of perspective, moving away from the industrialised approach of “higher, faster, further” and moving towards the question: How can I convince my customers in the long term? He sees a great need for fresh ideas, especially in the highly dynamic financial sector. After all, Fintechs are currently sweeping through the industry, and a new generation of customers has little patience for traditional processes. Robert is particularly pleased when he succeeds in helping executives and employees eliminate their fear of digital change. For him, digitisation is ultimately a great opportunity to deal with each other on a more personal level once again.

“Digital transformation primarily has to do with people. When I consult for companies, my goal is to find a way to return to the customers and employees.”

Robert advises companies, gives talks and coaches executives. As a mentor at Accelerator Frankfurt, he applies his many years of experience in the finance and consulting industry to the development of start-ups. With his understanding of both corporate structures and the start-up arena, he creates bridges between the two worlds and brings digital business models to companies. His curiosity also spills over into his free time: he likes travel and photography, forming connections between the many and different impressions he collects, both privately and professionally.