Communication – it is the start of all relationships, but it has the power to abruptly end them as well. Like when the first meeting is followed by platitudes, false promises or stories that are impossible to believe. In other words, when the words and actions are inconsistent or at odds with one another.

Trust is easily broken and very hard to regain. But integrity is invaluable in unpredictable times. We build this trust among our staff and customers by rigorously combining the communicative disciplines of brand, user experience and corporate culture.

Generating momentum
by closely aligning perspectives


The driving
force for

An authentic brand identity with a strong purpose is the single factor that determines whether people are able to identify with their company. The communicative framework – storytelling – that the company uses to engage in a dialogue with its stakeholders also originates from this identity. If the topics and content are systematically aligned with the brand, a consistent brand experience is created across all channels, and reinforced with each and every interaction.

Our brand management services

  • Strategic brand development
  • Networked communication strategies
  • Value-based storytelling
  • Content marketing tailored to target groups

User Experience.
Doing the right thing

Listening is crucial for good communication. For companies, this means developing empathy for their customers’ needs before interacting with them: What are their problems? What makes their lives easier? Making a brand something that can be experienced means offering customers purposeful and useful solutions. Because clear processes and sensible functions make people feel understood and valued.

Our user experience services

  • Customer insights analyses
  • Customer experience strategies
  • Interactive service design
  • Digital applications and websites


A galvanising culture of collaboration also ignites a spark within the company. If the common purpose is clear and there is sufficient opportunity for initiative, previously unimagined potential can be unleashed. Modern methods of working reduce organizational complexity and motivate individuals to take on responsibility. The latter is ultimately also reflected in the way the employees themselves become a communicative driving force in their own position and surroundings.

Our organizational development services

  • Guiding cultural change (communications)
  • Communication processes and newsroom
  • Social media team building
  • Agile development methods

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Experience shows that companies usually face several challenges at the same time. The advantage of our comprehensive approach is that you can begin at any point and we will show you where the gaps and correlations are.

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Deliberate first, then act, then talk about it: This is how we position brands, and it is the way we work ourselves. Using strategy, design and content, we give brands meaning and expressiveness and infuse them with life.


Strategy is the basis of targeted action, regardless of whether it is on the brand level, in the user experience or in the corporate culture. Analysing customer needs, the market and trends, as well as the organisational structure, provides exciting input for creating a sustainable vision that will drive your company forward.


Ideas take shape in the design process. The faster abstract strategies are translated into an original, aesthetic form, the easier it is to engage people. The brand becomes something that can be understood, experienced and, in various forms, it becomes an available partner for both customers and employees.


Content is the basis for a good dialogue. We develop content that doesn’t promise people the world; instead, it informs them, helps them move forward and enables them to make responsible decisions. And we invite them to be a part of an eventful story.

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