Through his work as an application developer in a large network agency, Matthias has made the (painful) experience that digital products and services developed without a deeper understanding of the user are rarely successful. He is all the more pleased today about the "Heureka!" moments with clients. The tectonic shift when priorities change from being feature to customer needs.

”Even experts with many years of experience can be wrong in their assessments. If you want to have reliable results, you have to test with users. Nothing helps more in reducing uncertainty!”

In between between technological constraints and human needs

Matthias feels most comfortable in his role as a mediator in interface processes: between design and technology, customer and user, strategy and operational business. He advises clients with a focus on design systems, information architecture and UX strategy and is co-organizer of the Rhein-Main Meetup on Jobs To Be Done. In his spare time he likes to spend time with his family, in the rehearsal room with his band or mixes drinks as co-owner of the Wiesbaden district bar WAKKER.