This is what we call a positive customer experience. In order to develop those applications, you need information about the task at hand and about the challenges for the user – as well as empathy for the development of a helpful solution.

In our experience design workshop you will learn about the essential experience design processes and methods. Using practical examples, you will learn to apply the tools and get a good feel for your users' perspectives, which you can use to successfully work on your own projects.

What we will do together
  • Systematic identification of user needs (user research, field trip)
  • Conception of products and services based on the findings (value proposition canvas, UX strategy blueprint)
  • Development of simple prototypes and systematic verification of assumptions in tests (paper prototypes, role play)
Suitable for
  • Employees in interdisciplinary project teams
  • Employees and leading individuals in marketing, sales, product management, customer service as well as research and development
Duration 1 day
Pricing € 599 per person (minimum five, maximum ten participants)
Further information Article "The brand mission of the customer experience"

If you are interested or have questions about the workshop, please do not hesitate to contact us: by telephone +49 (0)611 . 238 50 10 or per email kontakt(at)