To understand the reasons for lacking or unwanted user response, simply asking your customers directly has proven a successful tool. You don't need to conduct large-scale studies - just listen closely and systematically ask the right questions. The surprising answers often provide essential insights that can be used for immediate improvements.

Our workshop will help you to describe your customers' essential intentions and actions and to identify critical issues. Using various workshop exercises and interview methods, we will identify the challenges and problems together and question selected customers in detail. Like that, you will quickly learn to understand your customer, gather important ideas and make sure your measures become a success.

What we will do together
  • Identification of the actual problems
  • Analysis of your customers‘ buying center
  • Creation of assumption-based Proto-Personas (max. 3)
  • Identification of a specific experience journey
  • Analysis of obstacles and problems for your customers
What we will do for you
  • Preparation of customer interviews
  • Conduction and transcription of „Switch“-Interviews (max. 10)
  • Deduction and preparation of essential insights
  • Recommendations optimization potentials and solution approaches
Suitable for
  • Employees and executives in marketing, sales, product management, customer service and research and development
Duration 1 day (max. 3 participants)
plus approx. 1 week for interviews and follow-up
Pricing € 4.500,- for the package including interviews

If you are interested or have questions about the workshop, please do not hesitate to contact us: by telephone +49 (0)611 . 238 50 10 or by email at kontakt(at)