Tobias is keen to bring the strategies he has developed to life - which means helping to implement them, too. He enjoys trying out new and different forms of cooperation, and then experiencing how great results can be achieved. However, he also repeatedly observes that many companies are still struggling with the complexity of digital communication: The teams on the customer side are neither equipped with the appropriate processes and methods, nor with the current tools. This is precisely where he comes in as a consultant, coach and mentor at both the strategic and hands-on levels.

"I find it important to strengthen the teams within companies and give them the freedom to try out new things. This is the only way to achieve extraordinary results."

Voice, i.e. intelligent assistants like Siri and Alexa, is becoming increasingly important for him. Websites and apps must be tailored to communicate efficiently with these systems and to provide intelligent services. The question is: How can I use Alexa to offer services that are geared exactly to the customer’s needs? Despite all future-oriented technology, it still holds true: Ultimately, people (customers) communicate with other people (employees), and it is here that Tobias sees great potential to make available technologies fruitful for this central exchange. Tobi’s free time is completely analog – he goes cross-skating, for example, or hiking up and down the mountains in the Taunus. Good books are also his thing, preferably Japanese and Norwegian thrillers.