At the interface between the team and the customer, Mathias needs to keep an eye on many things. Despite - or precisely because of - the rapid technical development, well-known mechanisms such as trust and the personal touch are very important to him. This is all the more important as his job if often to filter out the actual need behind an inquiry or assignment, and to put together and coordinate a team from it.

"The role of project management is no longer purely controlling, but also advisory."

At times, Mathias observes a certain insecurity in companies: Are we doing the right thing? What if we do the wrong thing? What does digital transformation do to our business model? In cases like these, the experienced marketing and project manager recommends an open attitude – then, specialists can work together and point out a way that does justice to the respective conditions. As a specialist for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and a certified consultant for usability and user experience, he will also take companies by the hand himself and accompany them, especially in the initial phase, when important questions need to be answered: How can user and company goals be aligned, and which target-oriented communication measures lead to qualified and valuable leads? And if his happy customers don't have any urgent questions, Mathias is always up for some cultivated football talk.