Jan likes to crunch numbers - especially those from which he can draw concrete conclusions. In his experience, it is crucial in the digital sector to look at analytics figures, especially in the early stages of a project: What has worked so far, or what hasn’t? These figures can serve as a valuable basis for the UX team. However, despite all passion for numbers, one shouldn't be tempted to abstract too much: People are still individuals, and Jan is certain: "Companies that ignore this in the process of universal digitalization may find it difficult to understand customers, users and employees.

"We need both: hard figures for analysis and a view of the human being as a unique individual."

Another question driving the business economist is rapid technical development. What effects will the increasing use of voice control or artificial intelligence have? What does this mean for successful marketing? According to Jan, it is becoming increasingly important in online projects to take these developments into account and actively incorporate them into the concepts. Privately, Jan is a sports fan and plays American football.