Christoph finds the right experts for the tasks at hand and, as project manager or scrum master, creates the right conditions so that his teams can run to top performance. He enjoys helping people and companies to achieve the extraordinary. That's why the experienced founder and manager sometimes wishes for more courage, agility and pioneer spirit – in the face of today's complexities, simple planning and executing accordingly is no longer enough to be successful.

„It is fascinating how quickly our working environment, that of our customers and that of their customers changes. This requires a whole new approach to project design.“

All the more so as digitalization is changing so many business models rapidly and profoundly. The trained businessman and media economist is particularly interested in how the underlying frameworks and processes work - today and in the future. Christoph, who sees customer orientation on top of his agenda, observes that many companies still have a lot of catching up to do, especially in the area of networked cooperation and cooperative management.

When Christoph isn’t taking care of the flow at the company, he likes to spend time with his daughter or indulge in his diverse cultural interests, both at home in Wiesbaden and travelling.