Introducing Tomra's ReSociety initiative.

Re-thinking resources

The Norwegian specialist for sorting and recycling systems TOMRA is also convinced of this. The technology leader refuses to settle for existing recycling quotas and has set itself an ambitious goal: By 2030, TOMRA plans to collect and recycle 40% of all plastic packaging produced worldwide and return 30% of it to the closed recycling loop.³

You don't achieve goals like these by simply inventing better machines and re-inventing existing approaches.

It takes a fundamentally new way of thinking, a new system that creates material flows that do not classify used plastic as waste, but as a valuable material in a future-oriented materials and production economy.

On the way to a more sustainable circular economy

At the end of 2019, the company launched the strategic business unit TOMRA Circular Economy – both a business unit and a think tank with the goal of accelerating the transformation to a more sustainable circular economy.

In a pitch, TOMRA was looking for the right strategy and communication partners to position itself as an ambitious brand and credible impact leader on the topic of the circular economy.

The goal was to develop a story that would communicate the revolutionary scope of the project and create a spark within the company and the market.

die firma was invited to pitch. We had already successfully implemented pilot projects for several companies in the recycling sector and jumped into the ambitious task with enthusiasm. However, an initial market analysis confirmed the problems we had already suspected from the brief:

Problem 1: In the current recycling boom, the term Circular Economy is being used in an almost inflationary way and is not self-sustaining for a single company or project. We needed a bigger, emotionally moving story.

Problem 2: You don't start a revolution on your own. It takes action, strong partners, meaningful collaboration: a movement. We know from experience that it can be difficult to bring partners with different business models together. So the first step was to build a reputation using the right content.

We widened the perspective to find a flexible approach that would target different stakeholders. With this objective, we developed a brand story that immediately convinced TOMRA:

Tomra ReSociety Big Visual New

ReSociety is more than just a concept. It is an initiative and a platform at the same time. The goal: to foster collaboration with responsible professionals and experts to create a new, holistic waste management.

ReSociety is thus both an appeal for networking and a promise to society. As a long-standing player in the recycling business, TOMRA is perfectly positioned to authentically represent such an initiative: The company is well connected with industrial and commercial enterprises, politics and NGOs and can thus aim for reliable collaboration.

Tomra Re Description EN

Actions that shine

ReSociety turns the mission of the Circular Economy business unit into a movement that mobilises forces both inside and outside TOMRA. TOMRA addresses representatives of the waste management industry, packaging manufacturers, brand manufacturers and producers, trade, but also politics, NGOs and environmental organisations. The aim is to promote the exchange between the different disciplines, but also to initiate specific projects and partnerships in order to develop solutions for holistic materials management.

Tomra ReSociety Playbook Circular economy white paper

This can lead to completely new business ideas, which in turn lead to healthy growth of the participating industries. Because of its focus on professional stakeholders, the initiative is perceived as credible, professional and relevant. TOMRA positions itself as an impact leader that inspires others to act, and thus develops a radiance far beyond its actual business.

If we can manage to create a modern recycling infrastructure, we can also motivate consumers to actively participate in the new recycling loop and thus make an enormous contribution to the resource revolution that is so urgently needed for a sustainable future.

Volker Rehrmann

CEO TOMRA Circular Economy

Internal mobilisation

ReSociety is also effective within the company. The brand story makes the mission transparent for all employees and motivates them to help shape the change. On the one hand, this strengthens the individual’s sense of self-efficacy, and on the other, it transcends the boundaries between the former business areas "Sorting" and "Collection". A new community of purpose is created.

Tomra ReSociety Collage

ReSociety also functions internally as a platform for professional education: Employees are trained as ambassadors or corporate influencers and support the transformation of society as experts and advisors.

Brand as the currency of the future

The ReSociety case shows the enormous transformative power of a brand, not only for companies, but for entire economic sectors. The only condition is that it is charged with a mission and has an encouraging character that motivates people to take action.

Companies that recognise this can use the brand as an engine for healthy growth and at the same time lay the grounds for a successful future.