Agile development pays off

Moving forward systematically

Even if much of what you hear about agile methods sounds new and unusual, it can be simplified into just a few rules: No matter whether it’s Kanban or Scrum, the team needs a functioning structure inside of which it can develop and thrive, and coordination on a regular basis, so everyone stays connected and supports each other. This can involve short meetings (called dailies), collaboration tools (like Slack) or messenger services. It is also crucial to devise concepts together in workshops, for the purpose of maintaining an overview of the overarching goal and involving all team members in the entire process: discover, define, develop, deliver.

Working in a network

Sometimes we are psychologists, sometimes trainers, sometimes researchers, inventors, engineers, programmers, authors, designers or artists. As a customer, you complete the team with your know-how of your brand, your products and your markets. By working together in a team, motivation increases noticeably on all sides, significantly improving the quality and sustainability of the results. This interdisciplinary cooperation results in desired solutions accepted by the market. We also actively involve your customers in the development process by for example directly incorporating feedback from a customer advisory board or user testing into the development.

Deciding flexibly

Anyone developing briefs and goals together in the beginning will have the necessary transparency and also be in the position to make decisions. Experience shows that tasks and priorities change during the process, for example as a result of new findings from tests with customers. Quick coordination and discussions within the team with simple decision-making structures are indispensable to prevent the success of the project from being jeopardized. The higher responsibility at a team level pays off: Even smaller budgets can produce inspiring results in a short time, using design sprints or live hacks, for example. Ultimately, this leads to pragmatic and efficient projects that stay on budget.

Managing complexity

Precisely because we have a great deal of experience with complex, international projects, we know that: Sustainable change can only succeed with concrete, manageable tasks. So we divide the project into small sections that bring us closer to our goal, step by step. The distribution of the available budget depends on the importance of the sub-task - this means that the team does not get bogged down or lose sight of the overall goal. We develop strategies, products and services that fulfil central user needs while simultaneously meeting corporate goals.

Meaningful branding

Experience design means creating experiences - helping your customers and employees feel the authentic core of your brand. This requires more than just pretty pictures and nice messages. Our experience approach helps you to act in a comprehensive and networked manner, with the interaction of its four dimensions:

Customer insights: observing & recognising

Who can see all of your wishes just by looking into your eyes?

Only someone who knows you inside and out and understands your character can do this. Successful communication is also based on empathy and understanding. This makes what you offer relevant and facilitates orientation. To make this possible, we dive into the world of your customers together with you and discover new opportunities for special experiences.

Brand storytelling: acting & narrating

When was the last time you changed your attitude?

Probably when you have seen, read or heard something in which the story has revealed new interrelationships and touched you emotionally. Stories shape our culture and our understanding of the world, and they have the power to change our behaviour. Together with you, we search for resonant content and transform it into expressive stories.

User experience design: creating & guiding

What are the things you do so often that you don’t even notice it anymore?

You breathe, for example. Our lives are full of routines that we carry out unconsciously. Successful interaction foresees necessary processes and facilitates the handling thereof. A clear design simplifies and guides the user. That is why we choreograph information into a harmonious overall picture and orchestrate your processes in such a way that they are just a part of it all.

Business development: enabling & developing

How do you grow beyond yourself?

By you and your employees doing what no one has ever done before. New services and business models emerge from changed needs and current challenges. We see ourselves as a driving force and companion on the way to your digital future, and support your management and employees in understanding and applying forward-looking developments.

It all sounds good, but is much too abstract? Our project stories will give you a feeling for how we proceed on a case-by-case basis. Because we are convinced that every single project is as unique as your company is.