For this passionate fan of science fiction and science, the fear of the future is simply not the way to go. After all, change is an indisputable principle of nature. Instead, the question is how can we use technical developments in a meaningful way for people? With this in mind, Marco also looks at trends that have not yet reached the communications industry to find out what they could mean for human interaction. Time and again, he advises companies not to allow themselves to be overwhelmed by technology, but instead to meet the resulting complexity with a look at the wishes and needs of people, even those that are hidden. He uses this consulting approach to help executives as a sparring partner when it comes to taking their digital business models one step further, sometimes thinking laterally, along with the accompanying communication.

"Communication is a central component of successful companies. But only if it respects people, resonates and helps us move forward."

Marco has been awarded more than 40 national and international awards as a communication designer. He also shares his many years of expertise in the development of successful communication and brand management projects for renowned international companies as a speaker and lecturer. In parallel, he and his business partners established additional business models and successfully supported numerous start-ups in their initial development.

Marco’s thirst for knowledge follows him into his free time as well: He is not satisfied unless he obtains sufficient information. And if he hadn’t entered the communications industry, this trained designer would have become a director. Hence his passion for films and his storytelling background, which continues to help him translate the strategic considerations he develops into compelling stories and content strategies.