Digital transformation has revolutionized the way we live and work. This gives rise to new issues and demands for new approaches. Brands and companies struggle with increasing complexity in attempting to master the benefits of the digital world for themselves. Digital leadership is for many at the very top of the agenda. Nonetheless, it is internationally active organizations in particular that often reach their limits, in terms of resources, budgets, organization, processes, and know-how.

We can do what we do

Our creative experts have developed procedures and tools that provide a response to this challenge. We combine customer-focused user experience (UX) methods with agile development processes. As such, we put on useful and unusual media events for precisely those people you wish to reach. Because we are convinced that communication is a crucial productive factor and creates real added value.

We understand needs

Those of your customers and your own. Humans are complex beings. And companies are too. These different perspectives have to be aligned to produce harmony. Only those who systematically get to the bottom of motivations and desires can develop a profound understanding of customers or users. Which is why for us people and their situational context are the starting point of any consideration.

We simplify communication

Access to customers is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Our communication strategies create a long-term focus and release companies from their dependence on channels, activities and technology. Whether social, local or mobile (SoLoMo), synergies can be fully exploited and integrated across media. Communication becomes faster, more effective and more cost-effective – with guaranteed proof.

We sharpen profiles

Brands change their faces and appear at more and more contact points. They become more tangible and personal. They listen better and they respond. In other words, they show character. But brand management that creates relevance needs more than a set of values. We reinforce your brand positioning through differentiating approaches and staging of brand attributes – always with an eye on their effect and credibility.

We write stories

Shared interests are at the basis of all good conversations. Everyone is talking about content marketing and storytelling, but very few know how to develop from a messenger to a vivid storyteller. Together we define the right topics that will resonate with your target groups. And our content strategies ensure the ideal editing process and a modular and efficient content production.

We support change

Networking and dialog are fundamental to digital transformation. We indicate new ways and closely support companies during the implementation and training of their employees. Digital competence starts in-house: Be it with a social intranet including all departments and levels of hierarchy or outwards using social media channels. Your employees are the key to your digital success and your best brand ambassadors yet.

We design future

Again and again, successful startups with digital business models turn the economy upside down. By now, digital services and innovations are important factors of success even for established companies. At the same time, however, they bear great challenges in terms of adapting organizational processes. We provide impulses for you to think outside the box, analyze customer journeys and, together with you, develop next generation service design.

We share knowledge

From knowledge to ability to forward thinking: We convey our insights and methods to our partners and clients and everybody who would like to get involved. Our contribution to the shared economy is shared knowledge. With seminars, workshops, lectures and a diverse series of papers and publications we want to allow for a common understanding. This simplifies cooperation, is more fun and creates quicker results.

We are an organism

Our networked structure allows us to react flexibly to various challenges. We can provide you with the best experts for a particular assignment but we also ensure the chemistry is right. Only together we can achieve the extraordinary. We are not your typical agency, not traditional account managers and not a cobbled together network either. We are a group of people with the common goal of making you a success.


Marco Fischer

Fon: +49 611 238 50 10

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