We do exactly what you expect of us. We increase your level of awareness, improve your image, enhance your customer satisfaction and thus contribute to optimizing your profits and company growth. So this doesn’t sound all that new? True, but as we are consistently people-centered and respect your employees and what motivates them, your culture changes bit by bit and makes possible a vibrant and sustainable organization.

We have known the digital world virtually from the beginning and since we were founded in 1998 we have not only accompanied its rapid development but also advanced it in one or two areas. Many of the currently available applications were conceived in visionary terms back then but due to lack of bandwidth and limited relevance for people they could only be implemented in our time. We are still keen to look to the future, as this enables us to make the right decisions now.

The complexity of communication has increased enormously in recent years. Today, we are no longer just involved in relaunching a website or a mobile application but in digital strategies and the networked presentation of content relevant to target groups. This is also why we have developed from an online agency to a digital think tank. Our focus is clearly on strategic and concept development as well as on user-centered development and the design of prototypes and scenarios.

It goes without saying that we collaborate across disciplines. Digital communication is a mixture of user experience design, information architecture, interface design, frontend and backend programming, content production and process control. We employ artists and psychologists, publicists and sociologists, physicists and economists, authors and IT specialists. Our professional project management controls the required processes and resources in the background and creates a pleasant and productive working atmosphere for all concerned.

We only work with the best experts available in the market. Each one has produced outstanding results in his or her field, at an international level and for discerning clients. This ensures collaboration with your senior executives based on partnership – discussing business perspectives at eye level. And of course you can count on the reliability of our experts and the quality of their results.



Marco Fischer

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